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We are Amani Enterprises, incorporated “MedlinkHealth”, a small business healthcare provider group in Maryland and the Washington, D.C., metro area, consistently recognised regionally and nationally for excellence in medical care.

At MedlinkHealth, we provide comprehensive solutions to medical needs from, staffing, recruiting, billing, to Anesthesia services and continuous quality improvement initiative. We provide innovative and cost-effective medical management services and solutions. Our multifaceted focus includes, but not limited to; effective Anesthesia care, pain management, operational efficiencies, patient-centred care that is respectful of and responsive to individual patient preferences, needs, and values.

MedlinkHealth’s first priority and most notable characteristic is providing high quality care to patients. Our providers collaborate with clinicians, payors, hospitals, surgical centres, dental clinics, pain clinics and other health systems in the quest of delivering optimal healthcare with positive patient outcomes. Whether in a hospital or outpatient setting, our clinicians are dedicated to delivering high quality, patient-centred care. As an organisation, we are committed to advocating for our patients, engaging stakeholders, and maintaining communication throughout the preoperative process.

12 Years of Providing Innovative and Cost-effective Multifaceted Medical Services across the United States
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Since 2010, we have provided medical facilities with comprehensive healthcare management solutions the entire world. Our understanding of the importance of relationships, high-quality team members, and the medical business ethics allows us to exceed the expectations of both clinicians and administrators. So, if you are ready to explore all of the medical service options available to you and your organisation, give us a call today.


Surgical facilities throughout the DC metropolitan area are turning to MedlinkHealth Anesthesia to provide exceptional services to hospitals, Office-based Anesthesia (OBA) and Ambulatory Surgical Centers (ASCs)
Dr. David Mwaura
Founder & CEO
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Our Clientele is situate all over the world. Our technical capability and diverse experiences gained from our past and ongoing project are a key tool to operate in most critical part of the world.

Our global technical knowledge, local and international market experience allow us ti deliver solutions across the entire medical field, in both technical and not technical solutions.

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Whether you are looking for work, in need of talent, or planning to improve on your workforce, MedlinkHealth is ready to help you achieve more. Let’s work together.