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01Exceptional Management and Professional Management Services: MedlinkHealth collaborates with hospitals to provide exceptional and comprehensive medical care department management and operating room management services. Our proven management systems and processes utilise bench marking data to promote high-level operating room performance and improved clinical outcomes.
02Excellent medical care guided by evidence-based practice: Physicians and Advanced Practice our physicians provide collaborative, integrated, high-quality care at all of our locations. Comprising one of the largest medical groups in the country, our physicians have access to the most advanced medical technologies, innovative treatments, the latest research, and clinical trials.
03Quality and research improvement: We prioritise healthcare quality and patient safety. At the forefront of cutting-edge medical research, Quality and Research roles develop, educate, assess, and advocate for advancement in health and life sciences. These professionals also provide scientific, administrative, and regulatory support for research programs throughout MedlinkHealth.
04Support and Patient Services: Fostering a culture of collaboration with other clinicians who are directly involved in patient care. We are committed to providing excellent, compassionate care to every patient, at every touch point during the experience. Support and Patient Services associates are accountable for meeting and exceeding patient experience standards.
05Fostering evidence-based practice
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